Cleaner Glass - Loose Ash - Less Waste


"One of the most popular booths at #necann this year is none other than @bowl_buddy. Here's the pitch luring 'em all in. Awesome #cannabis consumer gear for sure..."

- DIG Boston -

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"I love them!

I use them on all my bowls, and my lighters get to stay clean as a result!"

- Taylor F -




"Lovvveee it! I feel like

I get more out of the bowl, too! And it's less smokey! Really a great little buddy!"

- Melissa D -




"They do make the smoke more enjoyable, and with less waste

and a cleaner smoke!"

- Steve R -

What is a

bowl buddy?

A Bowl Buddy® is a smoking accessory that is simply the best way there is to extinguish the embers of the bowl of a pipe or bong.

How does it work?

What it solves

No more tamping your herb with your lighters and thumbs!