Cleaner Glass - Loose Ash - Less Waste


"One of the most popular booths at #necann this year is none other than @bowl_buddy. Here's the pitch luring 'em all in. Awesome #cannabis consumer gear for sure..."

- DIG Boston -

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"I love them!

I use them on all my bowls, and my lighters get to stay clean as a result!"

- Taylor F -




"Lovvveee it! I feel like

I get more out of the bowl, too! And it's less smokey! Really a great little buddy!"

- Melissa D -




"They do make the smoke more enjoyable, and with less waste

and a cleaner smoke!"

- Steve R -

What is a

bowl buddy?

A Bowl Buddy® is a smoking accessory that is simply the best way there is to extinguish the embers of the bowl of a pipe or bong.

How does it work?

What it solves

No more tamping your herb with your lighters and thumbs!

No more ruined lighters that give you the "stank palm"!

No more scrapping at packed resin!

No more sticky, smelly resin clogs to dig out!

Less smoke going to waste in the air instead of your lungs!

The result

With a Bowl Buddy® you simply cover your bowl for

a few seconds to extinguish the flame. That's it.

The ash stays so loose you only need to blow across

the top of your bowl to clear it for the next fresh packing!


And that's not all! The Bowl Buddy® even traps smoke inside your pipe or bong, giving you an extra hit that would normally go wasted into the air, stinking up your home #secondsmoke.


Bottom line, there is a better way!

You and your bowl have been punished enough!

It deserves a Buddy!