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How to use

Bowl Buddy - Instructional Comic v2.png

​​Why Bowl Buddy?

  • No more ruining your lighters, and no more "stank palm"

  • No more tamping your herb down, keeping the ash loose and easy to clean!

  • No more sticky, compact, tar resin cloging your bowl to clean

  • Smoke control - More of your smoke going where you want it to, and less in the air

  • Second Smoke - Using the Bowl Buddy traps smoke in your pipe or bong, smoke that would normally be lost to the air, giving you an extra hit! #secondsmoke

how to clean

Simply wipe clean with rubbing alcohol!

What is it made of?

Bowl Buddy is made with a heat resistant

plastic rated to temperatures of over 200°F (93°C)

Can it be used

with dab rigs?

Dab rigs deal with much higher temperatures than a simple bowl with herb.
Because of this, we do not recommend use while dabbing until we have   sufficiently tested the material to ensure the safety of the user.

Returns & Refunds

Due to the nature and use of our product, all sales are final.

Thank you for shopping with us!

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